Dr. Kimberly J. Hatchett, Author
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I hold many titles:  Wife, Mom, Little Sister, Daughter.  Former corporate sales and logistics professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking.   I became a double board-certified Neurologist, healthcare system leader,  advocate, motivational speaker, recently published author and now blogger. 

My mission is to enhance lives by giving moments of grace, humor, knowledge (medical and business), fortitude and inspiration to live out your dreams.

Dr. Kimberly J. Hatchett, Author

Always open to the opportunity to motivate, activate, and encourage audiences in corporate and community settings.  I enjoy one on one interviews and providing medical knowledge including neurological disorders and disease prevention.  I also provide healthcare specific to minority health disparities, and second career discovery.

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Turn what has happened in the past into lessons learned so you can create a new path forward and create unique, fulfilling results and experiences in your future.  As an Author, Speaker and Physician, Dr. Kimberly Johnson Hatchett shows how retrospection, the act of looking back and reviewing past events and situations in life will help your Retrospective Calling, your purpose for being on earth.

Retrospective Calling, Dr. Kimberly J. Hatchett, Author

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