Moments of Retrospection

Every day can feel like a whirl wind of events happening to us and that we have chaos all around us. I know I feel that way and I know that many women can relate. From deadlines at work, activities for our kids, nurturing your relationship with your spouse/significant other, taking care of yourself. The continued themes of life make time move at WARP speed. This blog is for women who feel like life is moving too fast and they feel like they have no control over the constant chaos of life. This blog will help to show you, that as life continues to move fast, you can regain and maintain control; and learn to embrace the chaos of this season of your life.

In this Blog, find information about:

Our Health (stress management, exercise, eating habits, chronic diseases), Time Management (different methods), Food (my love of spicy, Caribbean, Southern, and Asian cuisine), Career goals, Side hustles and more.  I hope you come and stay a while as we explore life through the lens of Retrospection.

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