My Why…Becoming a Blogger

Dr. Kimberly J Hatchett

Why am I writing/starting this blog?

I want those that read this to find a sense of themselves with my words, and to know that what they are going through may seem tough and overwhelming, but through the chaos there is meaning, humor, fun and just pure joy.  What we may see as having it all comes with a certain level of constant chaos that is always brewing.

I hope to bring you moments of laughing louder, knowing that it is ok to not be the perfect wife, mom, friend, and to give you the incite and find moments of fulfillment and abundance.

Let me give you all a sneak peek into the Constant Controlled Chaos of my life, and along the way we will look at other women, who are driven to achieve more and how they maintain the chaos.

Let’s start with some definitions:

Constant: In Math it means a number that does not contain any variables and is unchanged. As a noun it is a state of affairs that does not change.

Control: The power or authority to manage a situation or occurrence.

Chaos: Behavior so unpredictable that it appears to be random.

Some people do not like that last word, but I have learned to embrace it and with it the wild adventurous life it brings.  During any given day, I can go from seeing a patient in my neurology clinic, to having leadership meetings with my chief of staff to telling my newly 5-year-old, that she’s right, eating boogers is gross.

I found that with the current Covid 19 pandemic, the chaos became even greater.  For one solid month, our day care shut down and I was tasked with providing home school (Hatchett Home School, was the name I came up with) and work in clinic virtually seeing patients on video.  I had to provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks to a then 5- and 3 1/2 year-old, provide some sort of learning, and work as a virtual doctor and run a department in my hospital all from home.  It was wild, but looking back, it was also hilarious.

At one point my kids decided they had had enough of me and my attempts at intermittent teaching between virtual clinic visits, and both of them got dressed, well Helen, my 5 year old did, but Hope, then 3 and 1/2 came down stairs with her socks and panties on, and a shirt on backwards and just her head poking out and said….”Mommy, I need a little help.”  So, I turned off my camera, because of course I was in a meeting/talking to a patient, helped her get dressed, and asked where they were going, and Helen said, “Grandma and Papa’s, we have had enough of this, we are leaving!” I asked, how they planned to get there.  They were going to take their plug-in toy jeep they got for Christmas 2019.  I told them that it would take them over a day to get there since it only goes 2 miles an hour, and they live over 10 miles away, then they said we are going to TiTi’s (my sister’s) house, knowing that she lived only a mile away.  I had to tell them because of this awful virus, we needed to stay home and stay safe.  They reluctantly agreed if I let them play on their iPADs for a little longer….sure why not. LOL.

My husband’s job did not stop and he only worked from home minimally if at all during this entire pandemic, which is still here….. 20 months later.  I found a routine in the chaos; I found some sort of way to control it.  I realized during that time, that my kids are hilarious, even more funny than I thought before, but that they are both smart in different ways, they are both caring, and we grew so close.

When I did have to go into the hospital for inpatient call, I was afraid and nervous.  I did not want to bring this thing home, and I took precautions, changing clothes in the garage, not wanting to touch anyone when I came in before I could get completely clean.  I double masked if I had to go to the store and wore a face shield.  I felt like a weirdo, but I was controlling the chaos.

I saw my friends, fellow doctors, and professional woman, come together on zooms for comedy relief, virtual happy hours, virtual wedding showers, virtual church retreats.  We also found advocacy, saw massive worldwide awakenings that racial injustice is a REAL thing.  We were finding control in the chaos. Life became more controlled, clearer, even in the sea of uncertainty that we were and are still living in.  So even though these past 20 months have been a blur, they have also been life changing for me and for so many more.  I have found peace in this new world we are living in and am managing to find that the constant controlled chaos of our lives is what makes living fun, exciting, and is part of being human.  Tomorrow is not promised, we must live, love, and make adventures while we can.

Join me on this awesome Journey.

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