Shaping My 2023: A New Vision

Now that we have made it through January, did you make a Vision Board this year? I have in the past, but I stopped these past few years because it seemed like they were just random lofty goals thrown together on cardboard with had no real focus.  But this year I thought I am going to a singular focused vision board that I believe is going to get me to another level of achievement that will stick.  Let me take you through my 2023 Vision and why I think this year is going to be different.

Part 1….

Last year I started the year focused on promoting and selling my book to the masses.  I was so focused on this that I forgot to put together goals for my professional, personal, and spiritual growth.  I had some measure of success, selling over 1000 books of Retrospective Calling and landing in the top 100 of new releases on Amazon, but I gained weight, fell behind in work, was barely active in any other activities outside of work, and while I did grow in my audience on social media, I felt like I was playing catch up.  I realized around the middle of the year that I had not set specific goals for myself.  

So, I tried to regroup and set S.M.A.R.T. goals in different aspects of my life.  SMART is an acronym that is used for goals setting.  

S, Specific

M, Measurable

A, Achievable

R, Relevant, and 

T, Time bound.   

I set these goals but did not put into place the steps I needed to get these goals accomplished, so I ended the year having only minimally accomplished some of my goals and had not set up lasting systems to sustain them.  

So, what am I doing differently in 2023?  Well, this year I have set up a vision board that is going to outline not just SMART goals, but I also want to envision what I need to do to make these goals happen and who I need to become…this last part is key.  Envisioning who I want to become goes beyond the mere goal but gets to the heart of real lasting improvement. 

I am going to have 4 pillars that will be goals for the new year, with sub goals and steps that need to occur to make them happen.  They will not be long and drawn out, but simple and easily transferable.  I have been putting a lot of thought into this and feel like that many of us have goals in mind, but some fail to put them in the SMART format, and if we do, we fail to write out the steps we need to accomplish these goals, and if we do all of that we do not implement the last step.  

The last step is what I am going to call the 3 Rs, Review, Reassessment and Reimplement.   

Review is just looking at the results of what you have done objectively.  My plan is to do this monthly.  Answering these questions: What’s working, What’s not, and Am I becoming the person I have envisioned. 

Reassessment  In reassessing you look at the changes you made during the next period (month) and compare those changes you made, and how it changed your results.   For instance, mid month, I started split weight training, I am reassessing how that changed my results. 

Reimplement means to make changes to the sub goals, the different steps you are taking to implement the goal. 

This year has a central theme.  For everything I do I want to keep this theme in mind.  

My theme is:  Give It Your All!  

In everything I do I will ask myself….. Are You Giving It Your All? 

Part 2 Let Me Walk You Through One of My Pillars

Pillar 1: I want to a person who values her health and her body.  I have knee pain, a family history of high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure and over the last 2 years with the pandemic and life I have gained 30 lbs.  So, one of my smart goals is to lose the 30 lbs.   This is very Specific; this number would put me in a body state that should normalize my blood pressure readings and take the added pressure off my knees.  This is measurable.  I believe this is very Achievable and because this will improve my overall health is Relevant for me, and I am giving myself the Time frame of the entire year to achieve and maintain this goal.  I am going to be measuring my trajectory and not the giving myself a time limit to get the weight off.  

I was going to set the goal of 6 months, but this sets me up for feeling like a failure if I do not hit this number by then, so instead I will be tracking and reassessing my trajectory.  I also need to keep the weight off, so I will also be learning how to keep the weight at the goal and living in maintenance mode.  

That is where becoming a healthy person comes into play.  Who is she?  She is someone who drinks more water (80 – 100 ounces, depending on what work out I do that day), who moves her body at least 30 minutes every day.  This does not mean I am going to do a Tabata HITT class every day, some days I will work out hard, others I will do recovery work outs, but I will plan to work out every day.  She is someone who tracks her food daily, no matter what she eats or drinks and the reasons why.  I know that I have used food as a stress reliever and during the pandemic I ate to push down the stress of seeing so much sickness.   

I have enrolled in a program that not only helps me keep on track with my weight loss goals but is a private community that offers support and help understanding my why and will help me achieve lasting results.  I have joined this community for the entire year, with the plan of learning how to maintain the weight loss I plan to achieve.   My initial goal is 1 lb a week, and I will Reassess this once I look at my Results for January and Reimplement if needed. 

So that’s the plan for 2023 and beyond.  Instead of focusing on the goals, focus on the person you want to become.  Who are they?  What habits do they use to achieve and maintain their goals?  I think this year is going to be different…. Actually, I know it will.  

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what your goals are, where you are supposed to be in life or even struggling with what you’ve been through, let me help you. Your past is the key to your future. Check out my book: Retrospective Calling: Looking Back to Create Your Path Forward.

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