Shaping My 2023: A New Vision

Now that we have made it through January, did you make a Vision Board this year? I have in the past, but I stopped these past few years because it seemed like they were just random lofty goals thrown together on cardboard with had no real focus.  But this year I thought I am going to a singular focused vision board that I believe is going to get me to another level of achievement that will stick.  Let me take you through my 2023 Vision and why I think this year is going to be different.

Part 1….

Last year I started the year focused on promoting and selling my book to the masses.  I was so focused on this that I forgot to put together goals for my professional, personal, and spiritual growth.  I had some measure of success, selling over 1000 books of Retrospective Calling and landing in the top 100 of new releases on Amazon, but I gained weight, fell behind in work, was barely active in any other activities outside of work, and while I did grow in my audience on social media, I felt like I was playing catch up.  I realized around the middle of the year that I had not set specific goals for myself.  

So, I tried to regroup and set S.M.A.R.T. goals in different aspects of my life.  SMART is an acronym that is used for goals setting.  

S, Specific

M, Measurable

A, Achievable

R, Relevant, and 

T, Time bound.   

I set these goals but did not put into place the steps I needed to get these goals accomplished, so I ended the year having only minimally accomplished some of my goals and had not set up lasting systems to sustain them.  

So, what am I doing differently in 2023?  Well, this year I have set up a vision board that is going to outline not just SMART goals, but I also want to envision what I need to do to make these goals happen and who I need to become…this last part is key.  Envisioning who I want to become goes beyond the mere goal but gets to the heart of real lasting improvement. 

I am going to have 4 pillars that will be goals for the new year, with sub goals and steps that need to occur to make them happen.  They will not be long and drawn out, but simple and easily transferable.  I have been putting a lot of thought into this and feel like that many of us have goals in mind, but some fail to put them in the SMART format, and if we do, we fail to write out the steps we need to accomplish these goals, and if we do all of that we do not implement the last step.  

The last step is what I am going to call the 3 Rs, Review, Reassessment and Reimplement.   

Review is just looking at the results of what you have done objectively.  My plan is to do this monthly.  Answering these questions: What’s working, What’s not, and Am I becoming the person I have envisioned. 

Reassessment  In reassessing you look at the changes you made during the next period (month) and compare those changes you made, and how it changed your results.   For instance, mid month, I started split weight training, I am reassessing how that changed my results. 

Reimplement means to make changes to the sub goals, the different steps you are taking to implement the goal. 

This year has a central theme.  For everything I do I want to keep this theme in mind.  

My theme is:  Give It Your All!  

In everything I do I will ask myself….. Are You Giving It Your All? 

Part 2 Let Me Walk You Through One of My Pillars

Pillar 1: I want to a person who values her health and her body.  I have knee pain, a family history of high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure and over the last 2 years with the pandemic and life I have gained 30 lbs.  So, one of my smart goals is to lose the 30 lbs.   This is very Specific; this number would put me in a body state that should normalize my blood pressure readings and take the added pressure off my knees.  This is measurable.  I believe this is very Achievable and because this will improve my overall health is Relevant for me, and I am giving myself the Time frame of the entire year to achieve and maintain this goal.  I am going to be measuring my trajectory and not the giving myself a time limit to get the weight off.  

I was going to set the goal of 6 months, but this sets me up for feeling like a failure if I do not hit this number by then, so instead I will be tracking and reassessing my trajectory.  I also need to keep the weight off, so I will also be learning how to keep the weight at the goal and living in maintenance mode.  

That is where becoming a healthy person comes into play.  Who is she?  She is someone who drinks more water (80 – 100 ounces, depending on what work out I do that day), who moves her body at least 30 minutes every day.  This does not mean I am going to do a Tabata HITT class every day, some days I will work out hard, others I will do recovery work outs, but I will plan to work out every day.  She is someone who tracks her food daily, no matter what she eats or drinks and the reasons why.  I know that I have used food as a stress reliever and during the pandemic I ate to push down the stress of seeing so much sickness.   

I have enrolled in a program that not only helps me keep on track with my weight loss goals but is a private community that offers support and help understanding my why and will help me achieve lasting results.  I have joined this community for the entire year, with the plan of learning how to maintain the weight loss I plan to achieve.   My initial goal is 1 lb a week, and I will Reassess this once I look at my Results for January and Reimplement if needed. 

So that’s the plan for 2023 and beyond.  Instead of focusing on the goals, focus on the person you want to become.  Who are they?  What habits do they use to achieve and maintain their goals?  I think this year is going to be different…. Actually, I know it will.  

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what your goals are, where you are supposed to be in life or even struggling with what you’ve been through, let me help you. Your past is the key to your future. Check out my book: Retrospective Calling: Looking Back to Create Your Path Forward.

Your Resolutions….Are they still alive?

Question I want you to ask yourself while reading this:     

What are you focused on for 2022?

It is already February 2022, and we are still in the Covid-19 Pandemic here in the United States. We are seeing fluctuating cases, mask mandates come and go and come again, and it seems like all of us know of at least one person who has been severely impacted by this damn virus.

This is not a blog post about the Pandemic, I want to focus on the life we are living because even though many of us in healthcare are forced to think about this a good majority of our day, this is not my life.

I want to talk to you about your focus this year.  What are your major goals you want to accomplish?  Did you make a vision board? Can you break it down into your top three visions for yourself that you want to accomplish?

What I am doing this year is breaking down those top three into bite size pieces that are micro-goals and creating habits that will help me maintain them as they work towards my goal.

One of my goals is to get to my goal weight. This has been on my iPhone to do list for over a year….. and for some of you reading this, this may have been a goal that has been on your vision board for many many years.

One thing I learned from last year if something is not working than CHANGE YOUR APPROACH.

So here is some of the things I am doing differently this year.

First:  I looked back to see what I did in the past (right and wrong) to try and achieve this goal

Things I did right:

  1. Intermittent fasting (7 pm to 7 am)
  2. Early morning workouts (at the end of fasted state, forcing body to use fat as fuel)
  3. Keto diet (cardiac healthy with leaner protein sources)
  4. Drank water (increased to over 80 ounces daily)
  5. Drank alcohol sparingly, birthdays, anniversary, new years
  6. Took stairs at work always

Things I did wrong:

  1. Did not have a set plan of maintenance.
  2. Relied solely on motivation to keep up these results and not habits.
  3. Did not get illicit partner/tribe to keep me accountable, went about it on my own
  4. Did not recognize old habits, when they appeared and stop them
  5. Gave myself permission to make excuses for the weight gain.
  6. Felt uncomfortable with the new attention my weight loss gave me

So looking at those I recognized that there were some good things I did that are NOT maintainable, and also some really eye opening wrong things I also did.  I do not want to make those same mistakes.  I want this goal to be done this year…. You must tell that inner voice that this time it will be different, until she or he believes it too.

One point that really stood out to me was relying solely on motivation to keep up the results.  At one point in 2019 I had made it to 8 lbs. of my goal weight, I was in a size 4, and felt amazing, but slowly let the weight come back.  Why?? I lost motivation, I let work get in the way, I should say the guilt of not finishing my work get in the way.  At that time, I was in a new position, and trying to juggle it all, and I was not doing it well.  What I did not realize then, and what I am slowly realizing now, is that work will always feel overwhelming, always feel like you are not doing enough, and that the job of a physician and hospital administrator is a tough gig, and I must give myself grace, but at the same time acknowledge that the guilt needs to be handled as well.

So instead of just focusing on my physical health, with weight loss, I also know now that I must tackle the mental part of this.  I must put habits into place that will allow me to focus on one thing at a time, without feeling guilty that I am neglecting other aspects of my life.

I will talk about this in another Blog post, but what I have started doing in my work life that has made a real difference is a daily theme, where I focus my day around one overarching goal, and work to achieve that goal every day.

So back to my health and the weight loss goal.  I looked at my diet right now, my activity right now and my mental state and my readiness to pursue these goals and what it will feel like when I achieve this.  I had to ask myself am I ready to achieve these goals, am I really ready for this?  Losing weight is not an insulated goal that no one will know about, everyone around you will notice, and most likely say something.  Are you ready for that?  I can admit that I was not ready for how it felt when people commented, “wow you have lost weight.”  They meant it as a compliment, but it felt like, “damn was I that big before?”.  Probably not, but maybe I was, who cares, this time I am going about this know that those comments may come.

I am ready because I know that what I look like on the outside MAY matter to some people, but it does not matter to me.  My why is controlling my blood pressure and cholesterol and improving my overall health so I can see grandkids one day.

I also realized that diet is a large key to achieving this goal.  I was intentional about my diet in the past, was strict and made keto choices for everything.  But looking back now, I did miss rice, and Naan, and rice…. I did not necessarily miss all bread, but I love South Indian and Sichuan Chinese food and love eating rice in general and I must face the fact that cauliflower rice can only take you so far.  So, I am going to have to focus on calories, increasing vegetables and lean protein, and limit my carb intake, without eliminating it.  This is one thing I am doing differently.  The difference is the weight may drift down more slowly, but this will allow me to keep it off this time.   This is just the start of my plan.

I hope this helped you start thinking about what you are going to do to get your goals achieved this year.  Let me know in the comments what your top three goals are for 2022.

See you in the next Blog …. Remember to stay calm in the controlled chaos of life you need the big 3, Acceptance, Embracement and Empowerment.

My Why…Becoming a Blogger

Dr. Kimberly J Hatchett

Why am I writing/starting this blog?

I want those that read this to find a sense of themselves with my words, and to know that what they are going through may seem tough and overwhelming, but through the chaos there is meaning, humor, fun and just pure joy.  What we may see as having it all comes with a certain level of constant chaos that is always brewing.

I hope to bring you moments of laughing louder, knowing that it is ok to not be the perfect wife, mom, friend, and to give you the incite and find moments of fulfillment and abundance.

Let me give you all a sneak peek into the Constant Controlled Chaos of my life, and along the way we will look at other women, who are driven to achieve more and how they maintain the chaos.

Let’s start with some definitions:

Constant: In Math it means a number that does not contain any variables and is unchanged. As a noun it is a state of affairs that does not change.

Control: The power or authority to manage a situation or occurrence.

Chaos: Behavior so unpredictable that it appears to be random.

Some people do not like that last word, but I have learned to embrace it and with it the wild adventurous life it brings.  During any given day, I can go from seeing a patient in my neurology clinic, to having leadership meetings with my chief of staff to telling my newly 5-year-old, that she’s right, eating boogers is gross.

I found that with the current Covid 19 pandemic, the chaos became even greater.  For one solid month, our day care shut down and I was tasked with providing home school (Hatchett Home School, was the name I came up with) and work in clinic virtually seeing patients on video.  I had to provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks to a then 5- and 3 1/2 year-old, provide some sort of learning, and work as a virtual doctor and run a department in my hospital all from home.  It was wild, but looking back, it was also hilarious.

At one point my kids decided they had had enough of me and my attempts at intermittent teaching between virtual clinic visits, and both of them got dressed, well Helen, my 5 year old did, but Hope, then 3 and 1/2 came down stairs with her socks and panties on, and a shirt on backwards and just her head poking out and said….”Mommy, I need a little help.”  So, I turned off my camera, because of course I was in a meeting/talking to a patient, helped her get dressed, and asked where they were going, and Helen said, “Grandma and Papa’s, we have had enough of this, we are leaving!” I asked, how they planned to get there.  They were going to take their plug-in toy jeep they got for Christmas 2019.  I told them that it would take them over a day to get there since it only goes 2 miles an hour, and they live over 10 miles away, then they said we are going to TiTi’s (my sister’s) house, knowing that she lived only a mile away.  I had to tell them because of this awful virus, we needed to stay home and stay safe.  They reluctantly agreed if I let them play on their iPADs for a little longer….sure why not. LOL.

My husband’s job did not stop and he only worked from home minimally if at all during this entire pandemic, which is still here….. 20 months later.  I found a routine in the chaos; I found some sort of way to control it.  I realized during that time, that my kids are hilarious, even more funny than I thought before, but that they are both smart in different ways, they are both caring, and we grew so close.

When I did have to go into the hospital for inpatient call, I was afraid and nervous.  I did not want to bring this thing home, and I took precautions, changing clothes in the garage, not wanting to touch anyone when I came in before I could get completely clean.  I double masked if I had to go to the store and wore a face shield.  I felt like a weirdo, but I was controlling the chaos.

I saw my friends, fellow doctors, and professional woman, come together on zooms for comedy relief, virtual happy hours, virtual wedding showers, virtual church retreats.  We also found advocacy, saw massive worldwide awakenings that racial injustice is a REAL thing.  We were finding control in the chaos. Life became more controlled, clearer, even in the sea of uncertainty that we were and are still living in.  So even though these past 20 months have been a blur, they have also been life changing for me and for so many more.  I have found peace in this new world we are living in and am managing to find that the constant controlled chaos of our lives is what makes living fun, exciting, and is part of being human.  Tomorrow is not promised, we must live, love, and make adventures while we can.

Join me on this awesome Journey.