About Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim grew up in the Midwest, literally in the middle of the USA.  I enjoyed being around a large extended family.  My Mom is the 7th of 10 kids and my Dad, the oldest of 7.  He grew up on the same street and family gatherings were a weekly occurrence.    Fun fact, I am a 5th generation Missourian on my Dad’s side.

My immediate family consisted of my big sister and I.  We grew up knowing that we needed to do a few things:  love Jesus, play the piano, do our best in school, go to college, make ourselves proud and everything else was icing. 

My parents are now both retired.  They both loved their jobs and were passionate about their careers.  Mom is the constant educator, and I am so grateful of her.  She gives me so many examples of creating learning moments with my own girls.  She was an elementary school teacher, and my Dad was a federal probation officer.  Dad was the first African American federal probation officer in his region.  He believed in the probate system and that most deserved a second chance.  

Another fun fact, my Mom and I are both left-handed, and so was her father, my nephew and my own youngest daughter.  My Mom literally taught me how to write and adapt to a right-handed world.  When I realized my youngest was going to be left-handed, I was elated and knew that I would be able to help her navigate that space as well.  

I am what you would call a non-traditional physician since the practice of medicine is my second career path.  Before pursuing medicine, I worked in corporate and pharmaceutical sales. The latter awakened my love of science.  After going through a painful sudden divorce,  I moved on to work in manufacturing and logistics.  I then took a leap of faith to attend a post baccalaureate pre-med program which resulted in  admission to 4 different medical schools. 

After medical school, I trained in neurology and neurophysiology.  I am now a board-certified neurologist.  I am currently working in hospital administration leading the sub-specialty medicine department at my hospital.  This has provided some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of my professional career.  

For many years I have had a book in my mind, and I am grateful of becoming a published author of a memoir/motivational book called Retrospective Calling: Looking Back to Create Your Path Forward.  My hope is that through this book, I can equip you with what you need to face daily life with retrospective perspective, but also look towards your future and the ability to achieve awesome new dreams. 

About Dr. Kim

Covering a full range of topics, I enjoy the opportunity to motivate and speak to large and small groups, conferences and conventions.  I also enjoy one on one interviews providing medical knowledge, including neurology, disease prevention and health care specific to minority health disparities and second career discovery.  

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